Goods delivery and goods receipt

Notification of goods delivery

Deliveries of goods from suppliers must always be registered by notification. Receipt of the notification by email is at least one day before delivery of the goods.

The notification must contain the data of the original delivery bill with order number, part number, delivery quantity, date and time of delivery.


Logistical significance of notification for Hubert von Carnap

For optimum capacity coordination of the HvC goods receiving department with the goods receipts per day, advance notification of the goods delivery by the supplier is required.
The notification of goods delivery is a necessary part of the information flow for optimal control of the internal material flow and the scheduling of production processes.

Waiting times of the carrier due to lack of notification

In the incoming goods department, deliveries that have been registered by notification are given priority for unloading. This may result in increased waiting times for goods deliveries that have not been registered. The suppliers must be informed in writing about the process control of HvC Warenannahme. This results in a deviation from section 421 para. 1, sentence 1 and para. 3 HGB that the supplier is responsible for waiting times of the carrier due to lack of notification. Compensation claims arising from waiting times shall be borne by the supplier accordingly.

Goods receipt

At HvC, the vehicles are unloaded using a forklift truck. Delivering vehicles must be able to be unloaded from the side.
Delivered goods must be identifiable via the delivery bill.
During unloading, a rough visual inspection is carried out for damage and shortages.
Vehicles must be equipped with sufficient securing devices for return deliveries.
Due to time constraints, a detailed quality inspection is carried out by the WE control department after the vehicles have been dispatched.

Goods receipt Contact

Tel. +49 2292 9313 23

Goods receiving times

Mondays – Fridays 06:00 – 13:00 and by prior arrangement

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