For us, it starts with mowing the lawn.

How can we act more sustainably as a company? With the environmentally friendly packaging that HvC produces, we enable our customers to take the first step towards sustainability. But in order to do even more for the preservation of our environment and climate protection, a photovoltaic system has been adorning our roofs since September 10th, 2019 – 818 modules, to be exact!

Eco-friendly packaging

For the production of cardboard packaging materials, we take our social and environmental responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we pay more attention to the environmental compatibility of our products (Use of predominantly recycled material), always think of the ecological aspects and deal with this topic on a daily basis.

As an industrial company, we are aware of our responsibility and are constantly working with our partner suppliers to improve our environmental balance year after year (e.g. reducing energy requirements and much more) in order to protect our nature. At this point we would like to use our cardboard press to express how important it is to sort our raw materials sensibly in order to ensure the most environmentally friendly production possible.

Folding boxes made of solid board are among the most environmentally friendly industrial packaging in the world, as the raw material can be recycled.

We have also implemented the following measures:

  1. LED lighting: In order to reduce our energy consumption, we have equipped our entire company with energy-efficient LED lighting since 2013. This lighting option is characterized by significantly lower energy consumption and therefore helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

  2. Solar system: In 2019, we installed a solar system with over 800 modules on our company roof to cover part of our electricity requirements from renewable energy. Thanks to this measure, we have been able to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions and at the same time reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

  3. Environmentally friendly cleaning agents: We only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents in our production processes. These products are biodegradable and have a lower impact on the environment. In this way, we minimize the pollution of water and soil by harmful chemicals.

  4. Heat recovery: To minimize energy waste, we use a heat recovery system that utilizes the heat energy released during certain processes and reuses it for heating purposes in our building. This leads to more efficient energy consumption and a reduction in our CO2 emissions.

  5. Process-free offset printing plates: As part of our print production, we have switched to process-free offset printing plates. Process-free offset printing plates do not require any chemical development processes and therefore significantly reduce the consumption of chemicals. This change has not only reduced our environmental impact, but also cut our consumption of water and energy.

All of these measures are part of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint and make our operations sustainable. By implementing these environmentally friendly practices, we want to fulfill our responsibility towards the environment and make a contribution to climate protection.


Thats what our customers say

“It feels like we have always been customers of Hubert von Carnap and are very happy about it. During 2014, we switched to call-off orders without purchase orders. The replenishment is controlled by Hubert von Carnap and that works perfectly! Ultimately, we only get in touch when something doesn’t work out, and that’s not the case at all.”

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