The latest technology weighs heavily. The last week was exhausting, but it was worth it. Our new printing press is finally ready to go.

With a total of 10 trucks, the machine components, manufactured by the company Koenig & Bauer, delivered. We were able to count on the support of other companies for this mammoth project:

The Fa. Krifft & Zipsner built the logistics (conveyors & co.) so that the pallets could be transported to and around the machine. The companies Boemanns and Pfaff Spezialtransporte took care of bringing in and positioning the heavy components. Thanks to your help, the new printing press weighing a total of 150 tons was delivered. Likewise support us the Fa. Young with their steel platforms, so that we were able to set up our new press within 6 days.

So we are ready to print!



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