Hubert von Carnap protects himself and his employees from the Corona virus

Dear customers,
it is truly a very serious situation in which our society currently finds itself. For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity for all fellow human beings to adhere to the government’s prescribed measures, both privately and professionally, to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible, in order to guarantee 100% care to everyone infected.

We as HUBERT VON CARNAP also have a mission and are aware of it. We are one of the suppliers who ensure that pharmaceutical as well as food products are on the shelves in sufficient quantities for everyone! For this reason, we have taken quite a few protective measures internally during these historic times to insulate our employees from the virus as much as possible, so that we can continue to deliver for the important industries.

Our goal is to maintain our production as long as possible to ensure the supply of pharmaceutical products, as well as food products, which are packed in our cardboard boxes. We work on this day by day and ask for respect that in the current situation no visitors are allowed on our company premises.

We would like to see a return to “normality” as soon as possible and appeal once again to all fellow human beings to abide by the rules so that we can emerge from this crisis together.

Stay healthy!

For the management
Martin Trojca

For emergencies, we are available around the clock at 02292/9313-0 or, should cardboard boxes be urgently needed.
We help where we can!

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