With the screws-
packaging from HvC screws find their place

To find a suitable packaging for your screw assortment, you need a screw box that meets various requirements and provides your products with the necessary protection.

  • It must be well (re)closable
  • It must be easy to store
  • The contents must be able to be removed easily and quickly


Folding box is the best screw packaging

A folding box with chute is great for your screw assortment. The variants for screw packaging are manifold – here at HvC you get the suitable screw box to store your screw assortment professionally and safely. They are flexible and more than meet the various requirements, such as in the construction or skilled trades:

  • Easy handling, thanks to the screw removal from the front, for our folding boxes with chute
  • Practical & safe transportation, due to the resealability of our screw box.
  • Ideal overview, because the box can be made with viewing window


The folding box with viewing window provides even more transparency

Especially outside, e.g. on a construction site, the packaging must protect and show what it is made of. So how about a folding box with a viewing window? With an individual imprint on your screw packaging, you make it even easier for your employees to find screws and thus eliminate screw chaos.

  • Water repellent material
  • Particularly high stability
  • robust design
  • Sight window for optimal view


Screw packaging that protects the environment

Plastic screw packaging is all well and good, but it’s not really environmentally friendly either. We at HvC therefore produce our packaging sustainably and from 100% recycled material. Especially in the construction industry, a lot of packaging is needed, which is why we have made it our business to consciously produce it sustainably and individually for you.

Here you can request your screw box directly.

P.S.: For the production of the ideal screw packaging, we need you to provide us with some of the screws you have in mind for the packaging, as well as information regarding the maximum and minimum size of the various screws. So we can produce the optimal screw box for you.

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