The 6 advantages of an underestimated packaging solution

Today, for responsible and affluent consumers, the careful use of natural resources by manufacturers and other ecological considerations are very important when making a purchase. Companies are increasingly measured by their contribution to the preservation of our environment.

Not only organic foods are therefore preferred and have begun your triumph. When it comes to packaging, too, consumers today are increasingly paying attention to the use of recyclable materials.

Solid board can offer a number of advantages.

The 6 advantages of solid board packaging

  1. Highest environmental compatibility in production, use, recycling and disposal and exemplary closed-loop packaging due to 100&percent use of recovered paper
  2. Savings in space and freight due to high material density and packaging delivered ready for use
  3. Resistance to heavy transport and stacking stresses
  4. Dimensional accuracy for uninterrupted processing on high-performance automatic packers
  5. Many finishing options for various uses: painted, coated, impregnated, lacquered, laminated and glued, wet-strength, water repellent, water vapor barrier, flame retardant, fungicide, insecticide.
  6. Excellent advertising effect through equipment and printing, as the smooth surface of the material is suitable for high-quality imprints

More facts about solid board

  • Solid board is used in pharmacy and in the fields of absorbent hygiene products and fresh food, where the products to be packaged require packaging with the greatest rigidity and with fat-repellent properties: e.g. milk, beer, etc.
  • Solid board is made of several layers of adhesive board (multilayer board) between 500 and 1900 g/m², which usually includes a strong liner. Below 500 g/m² we call the material cardboard.
  • Solid board is both strong and solid and usually consists of 3-6 layers of paper. By shaping it appropriately, it can be made even stronger and more resistant to moisture or grease by applying additional coatings, such as polyethylene.
  • This makes solid board waterproof.

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