“Why is training at HvC special?”

Training at HvC is special for a number of reasons. On the one hand, the familiar and friendly atmosphere is a really good and pleasant point, as you very often encounter otherwise, especially in factories and large companies. Another point is the great variety of manufactured products and also the production volume is much larger than one could imagine as an outsider. Through a variety of different work steps on different productions, which also seem to be constantly evolving, you never get bored.

“How would I describe the activities of a packaging technologist?”

A packaging technologist has the task of controlling production directly at the machines. This includes setting up the machines, preparing them, maintaining and servicing them, and ultimately overseeing and maintaining the machines during production so that they operate properly and produce a high quality product. Basically, it has very close similarities with a machine operator, but with an extended scope and a great know-how about everything related to production. If you are also interested in an apprenticeship as a packaging technologist, simply click on the link to view the current job description with training starting on 03.09.2018.

Author: Andreas Landel | Trainee as packaging technologist at HvC

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