Packaging also matters in product presentation – A case study: Apple

Moderne Verpackungen gibt es viele- diese für das IPhone 4 hat ein besonderes Design
The packaging is part of the staging of the product, here: for the iPhone 4
Verpackung für das iPhone3 geöffnet

The iPhone 3 – styled in scene

The days are long gone when packaging had to be boring and above all two things: cheap and sturdy. Today, value is not only placed on the design of the products, but the packaging also has a communication function, which is particularly clear from the example of Apple’s iPhone: The cardboard box is supposed to be elegant and also a little smart to underline the utility value of the product, and it has a pleasing and valuable product presentation function. Apple’s iPhone packaging is a good example of the high level of packaging art that has now reached.

Today, packaging design is a highly sought-after utility art, which of course continues to ensure that products survive transport completely undamaged.

Particularly in the case of high-value and precious products such as jewelry, cosmetics and electronic devices, increasing attention is being paid to ensuring that the user’s enjoyment begins with the unpacking.

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